I am available to teach at my studio or on location.  


2016 Electric City Couture Spring Runway Fashion Weekend
April 15-16-17, 2016
25 Washington St., Saratoga Springs, NY
Electric City Couture

This years event will consist of (2) full runway shows and support events. Each show will have a distinct theme that is part of an overall story that will play out over two days. The first will be Saturday Night, April 16th at 7:30. The theme will be 'SHATTERED' and will feature nation VJ V Owen Bush of Glowing Pictures who will be providing visual interludes between designers along with the a vibrant musical program curated by show Music Director, Nate da Great. The set will be focused on creating more of a hard edged look that will morph into an organic set for the following day. The second show 'Repose' will be on Sunday Afternoon, April 17th at 3:00. It will be a matinee show and will feature a hanging gardens of Babylon theme. Each show will provide an opportunity for retail sales at our POP UP! Shop. Marjolaine's Touch will be featured in both shows.

Tickets available on the link above.


Fiber and Nuno Felting Retreat in LOT region of SW France
June 20-30, 2016
Toulouse, France

In this ten-day retreat we will explore the many possibilities for creating wearable art in a wet felting process called nuno felt. Discover the sculptural qualities of felting and the playfulness of surface design. You will learn the balance between wool and silk to create a light and airy seamless garments. We will talk about design, color harmony and use a variety of fibers for texture. Come prepared with sketch book and a sense of adventure.

Because our workshops are intentionally kept small (6-9) participants, you are guaranteed plenty of one-on-one time with Marjolaine.

All of our time is not in the studio however. We spend a good portion of our schedule visiting and enjoying the surrounding Lot region, with its quaint villages and historical sites and chateaux, as well as unforgettable vistas. We will visit various shops and markets and perhaps picnic along the scenic River Lot.

This is an opportunity for you to relax, rejuvenate and create! Please sign up by May 20th on the link above.

2016 Felter's Rendezvous

Nuno Felt Poncho — 2 Day
March 4-8, Estes Park, CO
Saturday March 5 – Sunday March 6

In this two-day workshop, we will create a seamless poncho that will be reversible. You will explore the balance between wool and silk to create a light and airy garment. We will talk about color harmony and use a variety of fibers for “painting”. You will learn how to create a pocket. All levels welcome.


4-Way Reversible Vest — 2 Day
Monday March 7 – Tuesday March 8

In this two-day workshop we will create a one-of-a-kind nuno felt vest that you will enjoy wearing in four different ways. Each side is different and turn it upside down and your longer vest now becomes a bolero. So much fun! Continue exploring color harmony and use a variety of fibers for “painting”. Hand-made brooches close the vest. All levels welcome.


Light as Air: Nuno Reversible Dress
April 1-3 2016
New England Felting Supply
Easthampton, MA

Join Marjolaine on a 3-day journey to create a two-piece-in-one dress or tunic. Her fascination for the limitless possibilities of making nuno felt seamless garments led her to playful creations that are reversible. During this workshop you will explore the balance between wool and silk to create a very light tunic. We will also talk about color composition and design. Please note that this class requires standing most of the day. Nuno felt experience required.